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Cat Enright made her debut appearance in the mystery The Opium Equation
(September 2011, Cool Titles) by Lisa Wysocky. Here, Cat and her stable crew,
including Jon Gardner, Darcy Whitcomb, Agnes Temple, and Sally Blue (Do not
ask how a horse can blog. Sally is psychic. It just happens.) keep you informed
of their doings between their book adventures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cat's To Do List

Buy hot chocolate (the good kind)
   (yes, it is hot outside, but what is life without hot chocolate?)

Search house and remove all of Hank the beagle's sticks
    (will the record of seven hidden sticks in one week be beaten?)

Ask new roomie Darcy to stop chewing gum so loudly
     (love the new roomie part, but the gum chewing is driving me nuts!)

Get Jon to switch feed shifts with me on Tuesday
     (date night with Brent, make Jon an offer of two of his AM shifts for my Tues. PM shift?)

Talk with Sally Blue to see what is going on with Gigi
     (can a horse like Sally even be psychic?)

Why does Gigi trot in place when ground driving?
     (do NOT lose more sleep over this question. Gigi is a yearling filly and is entitled to be quirky)

Find a new restaurant to take Agnes to when she visits on Thursday
     (be sure wait staff at new restaurant does not hang out with wait staff at old restaurant)
     (remember that Agnes is still the best owner any trainer could have)

Prepare for riding lesson with Keith Carson
     (how did I get so lucky, such a hunk for a neighbor?)
     (still can't believe he chose me to be his instructor!!!)
     (until he learns to keep his heels down I get to touch his ankle!)
     (my crush is platonic, really, it is.)

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