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Cat Enright made her debut appearance in the mystery The Opium Equation
(September 2011, Cool Titles) by Lisa Wysocky. Here, Cat and her stable crew,
including Jon Gardner, Darcy Whitcomb, Agnes Temple, and Sally Blue (Do not
ask how a horse can blog. Sally is psychic. It just happens.) keep you informed
of their doings between their book adventures.

Monday, March 19, 2012

We Won a Mom's Choice Award!!

I am so stoked! The book that was written about us, The Opium Equation, has won a silver medal from the Mom's Choice Awards®!. This is far better than going to Verna's Mae's for dinner with Cat. No offense Cat, I'm just saying. Even though the book is mostly about you, the award is way cooler than you are.

Carole, Agnes, Jon, Robert and everyone else is so excited too. We are especially excited because the Mom's Choice Awards® only go to products that are exceptional and it is a huge honor to be recognized by them. Jon is even backing off on being mad at Cat for taking time away from the horses to solve the mystery. Who knew an award would bring harmony back to the barn?

Anyway, Agnes wants to throw a party for Cat. She even found pom poms, which, as you might know, caused her some consternation in the book. So I have to run. Don't tell Cat, though. We all want to make it a huge surprise. I'll report back later and let you know how it went!

Darcy, world's best youth kid

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  1. Congratulations, Lisa! And welcome to the Mom's Choice Awards family. ~ Dawn