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Cat Enright made her debut appearance in the mystery The Opium Equation
(September 2011, Cool Titles) by Lisa Wysocky. Here, Cat and her stable crew,
including Jon Gardner, Darcy Whitcomb, Agnes Temple, and Sally Blue (Do not
ask how a horse can blog. Sally is psychic. It just happens.) keep you informed
of their doings between their book adventures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

From Agnes

Oh my, a blog! Who knew such a thing ever existed! Cat told me about it. And Darcy helped me get these words to you. So much fun!

Guess what? Sally won another championship - I am so excited! She is just the best horse ever. I gave her a special treat, a bottle of Diet Coke. Plastic bottle, of course. Sally loves Diet Coke! But don't tell Cat. She has this no treat policy that no one else in the barn enforces. Well, Jon does most of the time, but he has been encouraged to look the other way from time to time.

And, thanks to all of you, Sally is famous now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are getting incredible reviews on the book that was written about us, The Opium Equation. Even the Library Journal wrote good things about us. And Horse South magazine! It is all so exciting!

Did you know that Sally's official color is Pantone Blue? Pierre, my hair stylist, had the worst time turning my hair into that exact shade. The dear boy finally achieved perfection, though. Getting the tint right in my glasses was much easier. I stop short, however of actually wearing that shade of blue in my clothing. Wouldn't want to go too far and have my admiration for Sally not taken seriously.

But I have to go now. I'm taking my dear husband Ira's ashes to his family's annual reunion. The reunion is being held in a hotel conference room, otherwise I'd have Cat load up the trailer and bring Sally. The hotel has a "no horses" policy. Poo. Someday I'll ignore all the silly rules we have in this world we live in. Now that will be fun!

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